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What is mindfulness and MBSR?

Mindful Ways is a mindfulness-based stress reduction programme (MBSR) based on the original 8-week MBSR course developed by the inspirational and world-renowned Jon-Kabat Zinn.  

Mindfulness is understood as the moment-by-moment awareness of all experience without judgement.  In general, research suggests that the regular integration of mindful awareness in our daily lives can reduce psychological distress and improve overall well-being. Specific benefits include: stress reduction, reduced rumination, improved working memory and focus, reduced emotional reactivity, improved relationship satisfaction, and greater cognitive flexibility.  

Since its inception in 1979 at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, mindfulness programs have grown and are now flourishing as some of the most sought-after interventions from among what is known as "third wave" psychotherapy.  While initially developed to help individuals better manage stress and reduce stress-related symptoms and disorders, benefits have been clearly demonstrated in individuals seeking relief from anxiety and mood disorders, chronic pain, eating disorders, cancer, anger problems, and  relationship quality.  Possible benefits for other problems are also under investigation.  

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